About Pacific International Hospital

Pacific International Hospital

Pacific International Hospital

Founded in 1997, Pacific International Hospital has become Papua New Guinea’s premier private hospital. The critical-care facility, located in Port Moresby, began as the Papua New Guinea Diagnostic Center, the country’s first CT-scan facility. The hospital also pioneered intensive care, mammography, and hemodialysis in the nation, and contributes to the area’s economic development. Today, Pacific International Hospital offers 24-hour access to excellent emergency and hospital treatment as a semi-tertiary facility providing multispecialty critical care. In October 2012, the hospital opened a Specialist Clinic Facility, which includes radio-diagnostic technologies such as digital X-ray and CT-scan, designated areas for specimen collection, and treatment rooms.

The facility represents the first phase of New Pacific International Hospital as it undergoes an expansion process, scheduled for completion in 2013. Encompassing approximately 8,000 square meters, the modern campus will offer acute care that meets international standards. The main hospital, able to accommodate 150 beds, will include 79 beds in the initial phase, supported by an array of specialized diagnostic and clinical services. The new hospital also will hold three operating theaters, a cardiac catheterization lab, an endoscopy suite, and a seven-bed intensive-care unit (ICU). Imaging technology will range from the country’s first magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) service to a 16-slice CT scanner, digital X-ray and 3D ultrasound and mammography.

The investment of millions of kina to expand the hospital also will finance Papua New Guinea’s first chemo-infusion center, for treating and educating cancer patients, and the first neonatal intensive care unit. In addition, the medical facility will feature a learning institute to increase the local healthcare workforce, with specialist nursing, paramedical, and other training programs and fellowships offered. Already the country’s largest private employer of health care professionals, the hospital has hired top specialists from around the world. New Pacific International Hospital will also attract patients from all over the South Pacific, with its specialty medical services, including minimal access surgery, advanced orthopedics, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, oncology and the neurosciences.


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